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Labrador are releasing Johan Hedberg's (from Suburban Kids With Biblical Names fame) great "5-spårs EP" on 10" vinyl and limited to 500 copies. It was released earlier this year on Cosy Den, but Labrador are now reiussing it with a couple of bonus tracks. Hooray for them! I've got myself a copy already! You go and get yourself one too. Everyone loves Suburban Kids With Biblical Names! They're just like Jens Lekman, but two! Or, not exactly like Jens Lekman, but they're charming and indie with a healthy dose of twee in the mix (just like Lekman). Judging by the press photos it also looks as if Johan has abandoned his geek look for a hipster upgrade. Good for him! Anyway, check out "Var dig själv" from the EP:

Johan Hedberg - Var dig själv


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By Stop Us Not
On 27 November 2007
At 8:36 pm
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