Stop Us Not
First Hello Saferide in a lift, now Christian Kjellvander in a car! Phew!

Chrisian Kjellvander’s got a new album out, called ”I saw her from here / I saw here from her” (a clever but quite strenuous title). It’s meant to be very good, I’m still waiting for my dear mum to send me a copy of it (sending you CDs - that’s what mums are for, right?). The only song I’ve heard from the album is the one in the below video. It’s a kind of cute video, Kjellvander’s car broke down and he decided to record himself (on his phone) playing the song they were meant to record that day in the studio, on a banjo (how lucky he had a banjo in his car and not only a jew's harp or something). It bodes well for the album, and I’m excited to see how album version of “When the mourning comes” (another clever title! The man is a machine!) sounds. Come on, mum, get your mum legs down to the post office already!



By Stop Us Not
On 16 November 2007
At 12:36 pm
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