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The first time I ever heard the title track from Sambassadeur's 2005 EP "Between The Lines" I was instantly struck.

The EP gradually gets darker over the 4 tracks and moves into Jesus & Mary Chain territory which is not really my thing. The opening track however encapsulates everything I love about Swedish music.

Anyway, they have a new album out called "Migration" on Labrador and you can (currently) download the first single "Subtle Changes" for free here !

For me it's a little over-produced and Anna Persson's vocals are get a bit lost in the Phil Spector-esque orchestration. Still lots of people seem to love it so give it a go - they are a fantastic band!

Here is the beautiful "Between The Lines" for those that haven't heard it:

Sambassadeur - "Between The Lines"



By Stop Us Not
On 25 October 2007
At 5:25 pm
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