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Pelle wants to be like Mika
I like Pelle Carlberg, a lot, but I really don't like Mika. Hence I was a bit sceptical when I heard that Carlberg had done a cover of "Grace Kelly". Pelle does an ok job, but I can't really get into it. Perhaps it has something to do with my deep dislike for Mika's music that prevents me from being totally open minded here, but it's not at all like when Edson (Carlberg's band) did a cover of The Darkness' "I believe in a thing called love". Then they managed to make a rubbish song sound fantastic.

I wouldn't mind hearing more crazy covers from Pelle Carlberg, although I think I prefer his own material - twee songs with witty lyrics. "I love you, you imbecile" from his last album "In a nutshell", that came out earlier this year, is a great example of how he can write amazing songs without covering horrible English pop twats (in a tongue in cheek way).

Pelle Carlberg – Grace Kelly

Edson – I believe in a thing called love

Pelle Carlberg – I love you, you imbecile


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By Stop Us Not
On 9 November 2007
At 11:25 am
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