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Speaking of Mika ...
Hopefully this will be the last time ever I’ll have to write something relating to Mika, but while I’m on the subject I thought I might as well mention the remix Lo-Fi-Fnk did earlier this year of his “Big girl you are beautiful”. It was only released on the 12” single of the song and if you’re a Lo-Fi-Fnk fan you should definitely check it out. They’ve turned the annoying original song into something very Lo-Fi-Fnkian and despite it not being the best of remixes, it's quite charming (although to be honest, it's not as good as Bonde Do Role's version). Mika’s massive in Sweden, by the way. Lo-Fi-Fnk aren’t.

Oh, what a topsy turvy world! Boo hoo! Please give me a 100% cold lager injection to help me cope with this fact! Anyhow ...

Mika – Big girl you’re beautiful (Lo-Fi-Fnk remix)


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By Stop Us Not
On 12 November 2007
At 12:59 pm
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