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Everybody but her, is not very hyped
One of the most hyped artists in Sweden at the moment is Lykke Li. On her EP “Little bit” she sounds a bit like a cross between El Perro Del Mar and Stina Nordenstam. Apparently she recorded her debut album in New York last month with Björn from Peter, Bjorn and John. The three songs on the EP are all pretty swell, “Little bit” is quite the hit, “Time flies” is a mellow affair and “Everybody but me” (oh, what a sad title!) – which is my favourite – is quite reminiscent of The Concretes.

Lykke Li’s got a distinctive voice that suits the music perfectly. It’d be great if she could get her twee self over to these shores and play a gig, very shortly. Also looking forward to hear that debut album, I’m sure it’ll be both fey, pretty and damn nice.

Lykke Li – Everybody but me



By Stop Us Not
On 8 November 2007
At 5:56 pm
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