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Loving an elevator
It took me some time before I started to like Hello Saferide. Initally I thought she was crap, but then I heard "The Quiz" and I started to pay attention. At first I mostly liked her slower songs and found it a bit too MOR when she "rocked out". Though, lately (especially after the brilliant Säkert! album) I think she's really developed and started producing some very, very good songs.

Listen to this, which might be a song from her forthcoming album, that for some reason was recorded in a lift. It's simple but fantastic stuff. Pretty charming video too, with all that lift action going on. I hate lifts, especially if they haven't got one of those hatches in the roof that I can swiftly escape from if something goes wrong. Hello Saferide
doesn't seem to mind lifts - good on her!!!


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By Stop Us Not
On 24 October 2007
At 4:59 pm
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