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Teddybear turns into Big Bird
Über-charming Jocke Åhlund from Caesars and Teddybears STHLM has a new band called Big Bird (or Les Big Bird? I’m a bit confused). They’ve only released one 7” so far, but there are four songs (four songs!!! In this day and age!!!) on their Myspace page. It sounds pretty decent, and a lot like Caesars. I don’t mind though, I’m a fan of Caesars. Bring it on! It could have been so much worse as well, they could have sounded like Teddybears. Jocke has this time stepped properly into the spotlight and taken on the role as singer (he doesn’t sing in Teddybears or Caesars). The other band members are Frans “Fireside” Johansson, Nino “Caesars” Keller and Carl Zim “Never heard of this guy” Lundell. Listen to “Anna Belle” below, it’s a catchy tune.

Big Bird – Anna Belle


PS: Speaking of birds - news headline of the day: “Great tits cope well with warming

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By Stop Us Not
On 9 May 2008
At 5:13 pm
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