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A Swedish track not from the last few months #2
Did you ever hear of Chandra? I bet you didn’t! I saw them live 4 years ago, and for a brief moment in Sweden lots of people were talking about them (I think the singer was called Martin Chandra). I exaggerate when I say “brief moment” and “lots”, it should really read “nano second” and “a little, little bit”. I just remember reading in a few places about how amazing they were, and they I saw them at the Emmaboda festival in 2004 (or something) and it was a quite decent gig. They sounded a bit like a mix between Bad Cash Quartet, TTA (maybe not that much) and Popsicle. Great stuff! They only released one EP, but I remember buying it at Emmaboda thinking “this will be the start of so much more!”. Now if you go into it says that they’ve got an album recorded and that they’re just waiting to release it. It also links to as the official website. doesn’t work, and the last the time the "moderator" of Chandra’s myspace page was logged in on Myspace was 23rd May 2006. I can’t find any info at all about what happened to the band. Screw you google! They released an EP with two-three great songs on it, then they just went away. How odd! Listen to the EP below.

Chandra – Summer in the sun (this song is awesome!)
Chandra – Stick to your guns (this song is awesome too!)
Chandra – Cyanide, everynight (sorry, there is no space between “every” and “night”. I love this song, but I don’t think most people will. It reminds me of Broder Daniel)
Chandra – Too young to fall in love (this song is not that good)


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By Stop Us Not
On 26 April 2008
At 11:31 pm
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