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Sweden's Social Services
English indie label Stereo Test Kit records have signed Sweden’s The Social Services. They’re an ok band but their tweeness can sometimes be a bit grating, such as on the song “Hailstones” when the opening line is: “Eating dried mango in Notting Hill with a sister of mine”. When I heard it the first few times, I was a bit disturbed by the Jens Lekman first line on “Your arms around me” (“I was slicing up an avocado when you came up behind me”) but I don’t think I can get used to that dried mango line like I got used to Lekman's avocado. Brrrrrrrrr. The songs are a bit theatrical for my liking, and they can come across a bit smug (at times, they're even more annoying than Billy the Vision & the Dancers when they’re on their worst student-like behaviour). It’s just too quirky for its own good! Too quirky and too cute! It makes me sick! Eurgh! “Baltic sea” is quite charming though, with its criticism of a dark side of Sweden that you don’t hear about very often. Stockholm, especially, can be (just like Orup once famously sang) very, very cold (and that’s not in reference to the weather, although that applies too). Looks like The Social Services are coming to London in July. If you’re into quirky twee, or from Bahamas, that might just be your lucky day.

10 July – Gramaphone, London

The Social Services – Baltic sea



By Stop Us Not
On 25 April 2008
At 6:26 pm
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