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An amazing Swedish crooner!
Hey! Bank holiday weekend coming up! Hey! Before you go and get thrashed, you should check out this new Swedish artist who is a real gem. His name is Joel Alme and he’s signed to The Tough Alliance’s label Sincerely yours, but he sounds nothing like TTA (surprise!). Instead of electro with cocky lyrics we get string-laden crooner-like music with very romantic (I guess TTA can be quite romantic at times) lyrics mostly about relationships gone bad. It’s quite upbeat in places, which makes me feel like dancing like an old man, and Alme’s got a voice to die for. It sounds a bit like Weeping Willows, but Weeping Willows, in my opinion, are yet to make an album as accomplished as “Masters of ceremonies” (which is the name of Alme’s debut album) - an opinon that could get me in trouble with a whole bunch of sad and lonely older Swedish men who wear their hearts on top of their quiffs. I really like the album, but I’m such an easy target for this type of music, there’s no way I can resist it now matter how hard I try. Hold on, I need to make myself clear to avoid any confusion – Joel Alme’s album “Master of ceremonies” is nothing gorgeous! Buy the album here. Listen to one of the better songs from the album below (or more on his myspace). Hopefully he’ll come to the UK soon to play some shows. I bet it’ll take a while though.

Joel Alme – Queen’s corner (mp3)



By Stop Us Not
On 2 May 2008
At 3:00 pm
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