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New album from Billie the Vision and the Dancers
I used to love Billie the Vision and the Dancers, but then I saw them live and was instantly repelled. I really couldn’t get into their album from last year either (only song I liked was “Overdosing with you”, a duet with Annika Norlin / Hello Saferide / Säkert). They’ve become so … cheesy, sentimental and hippie-like! Still, I do like their first two albums, so now when I heard that they’ve got a new album coming out, I started wishing for a return to form. The new album is called “I used to wander the streets” (pre-order it here), and it’s out on 4th June. The album was recorded at Tambourine Studios by the legendary Per Sunding (from now long defunct Eggstones, who also produced The Cardigans, Saint Etienne etc). There are three songs on Billie the Vision and the Dancers’ Myspace page, the first one (“Lily from the Middleway Street”) has that annoying happy-go-lucky thing happening that BTVATD have now made their own. The next two songs are ballads, where listening to the first one (“I belong to you”) is like pouring syrup down one’s ears, but the other one “Someday somehow” is a bit better. Listen to it below and make up your own mind. No UK tour plans for the band as of yet.

Billie the Vision and the Dancers - Someday Somehow (mp3)

Billie the Vision and the Dancers - Overdosing with you (mp3)



By Stop Us Not
On 7 May 2008
At 1:10 pm
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