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Loney, Dear - in London this Saturday! Only!
Do you remember Loney, dear? I remember seeing him do a great gig in the beginning of 2007 at Notting Hill Arts Club (it was my first gig of 2007 and one of the best of the year). I also remember a hype, good reviews and a Sub Pop deal. Not sure what happened after that. I also remember that I've always had problems properly getting into his albums, despite them being pretty solid. Anyway, he's supporting Andrew Bird (another artist I thought would be bigger than he is by now) at IndigO2 on Saturday. I haven't been to IndigO2 and I'm not planning to go there this Saturday either. You see, I'm not a fan of Bird, nor can I be bothered to go and see Loney, dear do "just" a support gig. Listen to the track below and try and figure out if all the fuss was justified. Ok, I just listened to it a few times myself, and I’m surprised how good it actually is! Maybe I didn’t listen to his album “Loney, noir” enough…

Saturday 26 April - Loney, Dear (supporting Andrew Bird) – IndigO2, London

Tickets! (Cass McCombs is also playing - talk about a critically acclaimed bill!)

Loney, dear – I am the odd one


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By Stop Us Not
On 24 April 2008
At 9:07 pm
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