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Jens Lekman - Scala, London - 20 May 2008 - Live review
I’ve now seen Jens Lekman quite a few times, but yesterday was the best of the bunch. He was on fire! Like an active volcano! I was a bit worried during the first few minutes when he looked very solemn (some punter even shouted “Don’t be angry!”) and I feared he would put on a grumpy performance, but during the second song he cracked a little smile (that looked involuntary) that stayed on for pretty much the rest of the night. He played a new song, some classics and quite a few tracks from his last album. The last two times I’ve seen him it was just him and another musician but this time he had his whole band with him and it really made a difference. They were very tight and they all looked to thoroughly enjoy playing. He talked quite a lot in between songs, and he did a long prelude to “Postcard to Nina” that’s not on the album that was quite charming, just like most of the other stuff he said. I almost started crying at one stage because it was so good, Lekman’s a great showman! Only negative thing I can say was that “Sipping on the sweet nectar” didn’t sound that amazing live, but despite that I guess it could have been the best gig I’ve seen in my whole life.



By Stop Us Not
On 21 May 2008
At 4:17 pm
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