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The Great Escape – Envelopes – live review
Ok, I’m in Brighton at The Great Escape and the UK summer that seemed to have started out so nicely a week ago has been replaced with a chill and depressing overcast. But what better way to brighten up my dampen spirits than to see the band who have done one of my favourite albums of 2008! Envelopes! They played at 11 pm in a dingy pub called Hectors House (where I last year, also at The Great Escape, saw one of the worst gigs of my life – the pathetic excuse for a band called Palladium was the "band" "playing"). The place was packed and I’d drunk a beer or two so I was really in the mood for some fantastic quirky indie. Unfortunately the sound was appalling, the vocals could hardly be heard and the rest just sounded messy. Audrey (the band’s female singer) looked grumpy throughout the gig, which is always a downer, and I think they forgot to play some of their best songs! I’d brought a friend along after telling her how amazing Envelopes are, so it was a bit annoying that they couldn’t live up to my precious hype. They were actually the band I wanted to see the most at TGE. Hopefully they’ll be better next time I see them or maybe they're just a band that should only been heard and not seen.

Envelopes - Party (mp3)



By Stop Us Not
On 16 May 2008
At 9:23 am
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