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There’s a new signing from The Tough Alliance’s label Sincerely yours called Nordpolen (translation: The North Pole). It could be considered lazy and perhaps unimaginative to call Nordpolen a TTA with Swedish lyrics, but it’s also a fitting description. One difference though is that Nordpolen seems to be a one man band, and not a duo. There are only two songs available yet, “Skimret” (listen below) is pretty good, but the K. Strandberg (who the hell is he?) remix of “Kanske jag” is not that great, a bit too ambient and dull for me. Quite difficult to judge whether Nordpolen will change lives, but judging from “Skimret” he’s at least definitely worth keeping an eye on. Buy the CD single here.

Nordpolen – Skimret (mp3)



By Stop Us Not
On 19 May 2008
At 1:26 pm
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