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Exotic west coast melodies in a cold, wet and horrible Camden full of disgusting Red Stripe
Today I’m going to Camden Crawl to watch a band called Pacific! whose members hail from Gothenburg. I’m quite excited! Not about going to Camden Crawl though, it’s always quite messy, it's cold outside, and you only get to see about 3-4 bands per night. I might go and see Lo-Fi-Fnk also, but Lykke Li is playing at the same time as Pacific! so I’m going to have to give her the boot (think I've seen her enough in the last few months anyway). Pacific! came to my attention last year through some fantastic 12”s on Dolores records (Alf, Broder Daniel, Caesars, Håkan Hellström, I’m from Barcelona etc), and then I got their debut album earlier this year. It’s a good album, more than half of it is excellent, the other part (30-40%?) is ok although a bit dull sometimes. As an album though, it works very well. They’ve got that French sound that Phoenix masters, some sort of modern electro Beach Boys kind of thing. I love Phoenix, so I’m not complaining. They’re playing at 9:15 pm in The Camden Tup (which is sort of on the other side of The Underworld), and I hope they can manage to give justice to their sweet melodies when they play live.

Pacific! – Sunset Blvd

Pacific! – Hot lips


PS: No, that guy to the right isn't Vernon Kay, they're from Gothenburg, not Bolton.


By Stop Us Not
On 19 April 2008
At 11:26 am
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