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Have you seen that Caesars have got a new album out and that it’s a bloody double CD? How many times in the history of mankind has a double CD ever been a good idea? Did no one learn anything from “Wu-Tang Forever”? Do you remember in the late 90’s when movies just seemed to get longer and longer? How long was “Titanic”? Four hours? Way too many terrible epics were shoved down the cinema goers’ sore throats. At least the people learned their lesson and now movies are down to a sensible length again (for a director to have my attention for more than 100 minutes, he better be really brilliant at his job, 80 minutes is a very good length for a movie in my book). Ok, “There will be blood” that came out earlier this year was a recent exception (still, P.T. Anderson’s film is 40 minutes shorter than “Titanic”), although I’m sure that it could have been cut down some (I know lots about film editing, you see). Caesars’ new album “Strawberry weed” is no “There will be blood”, nor a “Titanic” (it’s not a turd). There are 24 songs on it, and if you’re looking for 24 “Jerk it out” – please look elsewhere. The sheer amount of songs is off-putting in itself, just looking at the tracklist gives me a headache. The only double CD I’ve enjoyed in the last 5 years or so was last year’s “Da drought 3” by Lil’ Wayne. I’m a big fan of Caesars though, so my initial reaction to this was very positive, but now I can’t do anything but use the old cliché “this would have been so much better as a single disc CD”. For a garage band, they can be quite bad live, every time I’ve seen them the singer (Caesar) has always seemed so grumpy. Doesn’t seem like they’re touring outside Sweden anyway in the near future, so no grumpy Caesar for us. Check out one of the better tracks from “Strawberry weed” below.

Caesars – Boo boo goo goo



By Stop Us Not
On 21 April 2008
At 11:00 am
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