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Peter Moren - Monto Water Rats, London, UK - 15 April 2008 - live review
Yesterday I went to see Peter Moren play a show at Monto Water Rats. Last week I heard his song “Social competence” (check it out here) and thought it was rather pleasant, so I decided to go and see him play live. Before I went to the gig I listened to his album a few times, but was quite disappointed since it’s a dull collection of songs. There are about two decent songs on it, and one of them is “Social competence” (the other one is “Reel to real” that you can listen to below), the rest is a snooze fest. The support act for the night was fellow Swede Tobias Fröberg. Man, he was a handful! His songs are very poor and monotonous, and his banter between songs got more and more bizarre throughout the night. He tried to be funny but he just reminded me of an unfunny version of Andy Kaufman’s Latka character. He looked quite ill too, pale and pasty, the whole performance was quite excruciating, like watching your weird uncle trying to tell a joke that just isn’t funny – for 45 minutes. Peter Moren was much better, but still not that great, his songs just don’t cut the mustard! At the end he decided to play a cover of a-ha’s “Take on me”, but only after he’d slagged off the lyrics. It was a horrible end to a dreadful night (musicwise, thankfully the beer tasted good, I like Water Rats as a venue and I was in good company). I filmed a bit of “Take on me” on my rubbish mobile phone camera (it’s very, very poor quality but still not as bad as the actual performance itself) before I decided to call it a night. Man, I hate going to shows when the bands suck!

Peter Moren – Reel to real


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By Stop Us Not
On 16 April 2008
At 3:25 pm
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