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Lucky those covered by TTA
On the b-side of The Tough Alliance’s new single “Neo violence” they’ve covered Swedish pop group Lucky Twice’s horrible “Lucky”. There are various ways you can approach doing a cover of a song. Lately due to Jo Whiley’s despicable “Live Lounge” there seems to be a penchant among bands to take a good pop song (ie “Push the button” by Sugababes or “With every heartbeat” by Robyn”) and do it in your own distinctive way. It seems like bands such as Kaiser Chiefs enjoy doing this, maybe because their own songs are so crap and they might just know deep down inside that no one will remember them in 5-10 years time. I’m not a snob, I enjoy a good pop song just as much as any kindergarten kid or single mother, but I don’t think “Lucky twice” is a good pop song, it’s an appalling song! Look and listen for yourself below, but don’t say I didn’t warn you. I do like The Tough Alliance’s version though, they’ve made it sound just like another TTA song without being too ironic or clever (perhaps they love the original? Who cares!). Turning a rubbish original into a great song is quite impressive. Usually I find it interesting to hear a cover of an already golden track maximum twice, and then the listening experience is more novel than real. I’ve already started to forget about the dreadful original while listening to TTA’s song, which is of course – without sounding too soppy here – the best compliment you can give someone who covers a song, is it not?

The Tough Alliance - Lucky



By Stop Us Not
On 20 April 2008
At 5:11 pm
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