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The Kid vs The Old Fart
It’s taken me a couple of weeks to really get into it, but now I’m addicted! It’s like a musical Soreen! Anyway, I’m of course talking about The Kid and their new single “Mayhem Troopers”. Did you get The Kid’s album “La Société Nouvelle” back in 2006? Being a Hybris junkie, I did buy it, but lo and behold – it’s not that great. “Mayhem troopers” almost makes me want to go back and listen to it again though, and perhaps discover something hidden that I couldn't find last time around. It’s unfortunately not a song written by The Kid, but a cover of a Cortex song. Cortex is Freddie Wadling’s old band (they're not famous). Freddie Wadling is an old Swedish legend/fart (depending on what side you're on) that I’ve never been into. He’s a singer (Blue for Two, Fläskvartetten and obviously Cortex), artist, actor etc. He’s serious as hell and got bad teeth! Anyhow, the original is not too bad, although I prefer The Kid’s poppier version, despite the lo-fi charm of Wadling’s (the old fart's) creation. It’s quite the anthem, I like to play it over and over again. You should to, and give the original a chance too, you can pretend it's some weird warbling old man in a basement doing a cover of The Kid's song.

The Kid – Mayhem troopers (the cover!)
Cortex – Mayhem troopers (the original!)



By Stop Us Not
On 15 April 2008
At 6:01 pm
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