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New Moto Boy single / video
The fantastic "Ride my wild heart" is the new Moto Boy single. The video is a pretty spaced out affair, there are some F.W. Murnau vibes in there, and a big swan. I like it, it's very suitable for the song and the dreamlike visuals complement the music nicely. Man, I just love Moto Boy to bits! I wish that this was a "normal" single and not just an mp3 single, so that there would be a new b-side or something. I want more songs! I want three more albums! Four! Five! I lent his CD together with the new Vampire Weekend CD to a girl at work who was going to holiday, and today she came back and said she wasn't too keen on Vampire Weekend but she'd been listening to Moto Boy like crazy. Hooray! I love when you lend someone something (book, dvd, CD) and they end up liking it as much as you do. So often I lend people stuff that I cherish, and they give it back saying something like "Hmmmmm, it was OK". ARGH! Anyway, that's enough of my morning rant about lending stuff to people.

Don't forget Moto Boy's coming to London to play some shows next month to play some shows. Here are the dates.

Moto Boy - Ridy my wild heart (mp3)
Moto Boy - Ride my wild heart (high res video)



By Stop Us Not
On 14 April 2008
At 11:59 am
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