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New video / single from Sweden's best hiphop act!
Ok, Perez Hilton is going crazy about Swedish rapper Adam Tensta at the moment. Adam Tensta is OK, I mean, there are about 2-3 good songs on his album from last year, but if you want a fantastic Swedish rap album you need to go to Afasi & Filthy and their "Fl├Ącken" which I liked a lot in the beginning (read here) but that I now love like crazy. Their last two singles were "Glider" and "Jobb" (the latter is my favourite song of the album), and unfortunately both those videos (check them out here, and here) were better than the Sverigetrotters video (see below). I doubt Afasi & Filthy ever will come to the UK to play, I can't remember ever seeing any Swedish rap artist on a stage in the UK, which isn't any mystery really. Come to think of it, I haven't seen that many bands singing in Swedish over here either, but if it works for Dungen why not for A&F, huh? Whether or not we'll get to see them live, fact remains - they've done the best Swedish hiphop record ever.

Afasi & Filthy - Sverigetrotters (mp3)



By Stop Us Not
On 9 September 2008
At 4:41 pm
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