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Juvelen! In London! Tomorrow! Argh!
Juvelen, the Swedish artist who sounds a lot like Prince but is amazing, is playing London tomorrow! I just found out, and I'm gutted since I have a office outing that I need to attend to. Boo! Maybe if he's on late I can go there after. He's playing a new electro club called Electroqueer (blog/website here), that's in Soho on Archer Street. I've never seen Juvelen live, so I can't vouch for him, but his songs are so damn good that it can't really be anything but great. I wrote about him previously here.

Juvelen - Money don't talk (mp3)


UPDATE: Looks like Juvelen will play around 10 pm. I will go if I can make it, you should too!


By Stop Us Not
On 3 September 2008
At 1:12 pm
  • At 7:25 pm, Anonymous Electroqueer said…

    Hi there - just read your post on Juvelen. He should realistically be on around 10pmish, so do try to stop by if you can to show Juvelen some support!

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