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Next week an unknown Swedish band are playing some unknown London venues.
Have you heard about a band called The Sonnets? Apparently they're playing London next week at such famous venues as Teddy Flynn's, The Miller and The Spice of Life. Huh? Double huh? I don't know about any of those places. I can't even find Teddy Flynn's on Google! The Millers seems to be a pub around London Bridge, and The Spice of Life is that weird pub sort of in between Old Compton Street, Charing Cross Road and Shaftsbury Avenue that's got jazz nights in the basement. The Sonnets themselves released an album in 2005 to no critical acclaim. It's not super bad, just a bit boring, it sounds like The Thrills, Hal etc + Swedish indie pop from the 90s - ie not that ... "fresh"! I really don't feel like going to any of those venues though, not that I'm a venue snob, but after listening to the band on their Myspace page I doubt it'll be any good. My sister's seeing them at a Swedish festival next week though so if she gives them the thumbs up I might change my mind.

The Sonnets - A thousand summers (mp3)



By Stop Us Not
On 12 August 2008
At 5:16 pm
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