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Two Swedish twee pop bands in London next week!

Can you believe it? Not only will we be lucky to have the one Swedish twee pop band, but actually two of them will be on these shores next week! Hooray! The cute tune peddlers are Komon and Stars in Coma. I’ve never heard of Komon before, but judging from their Myspace page, they’re a pretty average twee band who might be good live. Twee live is always a bit risky! Stars in Coma have been around for a few years, but I’ve never been able to get into them, although I’ve liked the odd song. Anyway, both these bands are playing a Spiral Scratch night at Betsey Trotwood next week on Thursday (with two English bands). Tickets can be bought here. Komon are also playing a couple more London shows + a Brighton one. Betsey Trotwood is so tiny, it can be quite charming to watch bands there. Who knows - I might just go!

Here are the dates:

Komon + Stars in Coma
Thursday 4 September – Betsey Trotwood, London

Saturday 6 September – RoTa at Notting Hill Arts Club, London

Saturday 6 September – Somewhere in Kings Cross, London

Sunday 7 September – Indiepop Sunday, Upstairs at the Prince Albert, Brighton

and here are two heart-themed MP3s:

Komon – If my heart was a house (MP3)
Stars in Coma – I saw my heart pass by (MP3)

And a Komon video:


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By Stop Us Not
On 28 August 2008
At 12:14 pm
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