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Let's try and get excited by a Shout Out Louds gig, shall we?
So, Shout Out Louds are once again returning to these shores to half-rock out. I've seen them enough times already, but still I'm going to see them next week. They're good live! Yes, they are. They've got a nice groove going, and unlike other bands like them there's a bit of energy in there as well. I wasn't too keen on the last album, but there are some cracking tunes on it nevertheless. They're plaing Dingwalls in London, a venue that can get crazy hot. Oh well, I guess there will be beer in the bar to cool us all down. Below are the dates and a 4 year old song that never became the monster hit it could have been:

6 August 2008 - Dingwalls, London
7 August 2008 - Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh (The Edge Festival)
8 August 2008 - Barfly, Liverpool
9 August 2008 - Concorde 2, Brighton (At Home By The Sea Festival)

Then they're coming back in September too:

2 September 2008 - 229 Club, London

Shout Out Louds - Very loud (mp3)



By Stop Us Not
On 31 July 2008
At 5:20 pm
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