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Sweden's twee take on Arcade Fire.
Ok, it's a bit lazy to compare I'm from Barcelona to Arcade Fire just because they both have crazy live shows and lots of band members, except for those for things they're quite far apart. Another thing they have in common is that I used to be a massive fan of both bands, whereas I now have lost a bit of interest. My disinterest in I'm from Barcelona started after I saw them live a couple of times. I really like them on record, but live I just find them annoying. Perhaps they're better now, who knows! They're coming over here in November for a few shows. When I just now listened to "Britney" from last year , I was reminded that they do actually write good songs (check it out below). Maybe I'll go and see them to investigate if they've become less of a circus and more of a band. Here are the dates:

Monday 24 November - The Ruby Lounge, Manchester
Tuesday 25 November - Scala, London
Wednesday 26 November - Concorde 2, Brighton

I'm from Barcelona - Britney (mp3)



By Stop Us Not
On 4 August 2008
At 4:32 pm
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