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Familjen to London!
All respect to Familjen* (aka Johan T Karlsson) who makes pretty sweet electropop. It's a bit too "techno" for myself, but I can very much see the appeal. I do like his hit "Det snurrar i min skalle" from last year though and I might even buy his album and give it a chance. Who knows, maybe it'll make me get into this type of music. At least he sings! That's a start. I've seen him live twice, and he gets a fantastic reaction from the crowd and both gigs were a lot of fun. He seems to have that same crazy (Swedish) fanbase around him that Slagsmålsklubben's got. I also adore the dialect he sings in (ie "Skåne dialect", which heralds from south of Sweden and is traditionally frowned upon by people from other parts of Sweden since it's considered to be something of a farmers' dialect. I disagree though! I've spent lots of time in Skåne and both my sisters have lived there for a long time now - I love it!). Also, since the gig is around the corner from where I live, I might just go and sway back and forth at the end of the room, sipping some beer,

One website says that Familjen are playing at Old Blue Last on 17 and 18 September whereas another only lists 18 ... confusing!

17 September 2008 - Old Blue Last, London (so this might not be correct!)
18 September 2008 - Old Blue Last, London - tickets here

Familjen - Det Snurrar I Min Skalle (mp3)


* Familjen = Swedish for "The Family"


By Stop Us Not
On 1 August 2008
At 11:11 am
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