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Love is All - Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen - 21 May 2008 - Live review
I managed to watch most of the first half of the Championship League final yesterday before I went to see Love is All play. I was a bit surprised how many people were at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen, especially since there was a real ghost town vibe on the streets of east London during the game. The opening band was marvellous, but the main support were so annoying that I had to leave the room. When Love is All played the place was pretty packed, and they played a whole lotta new songs. It was a good set, but even though the new songs sounded alright I wasn’t exactly blown away. Being tired and drunk might not have helped. I’m looking forward to seeing them again after I’ve heard their new album. Thumbs up though for them putting on a good show!


PS: They had a CDR for sale with 4 covers on it that I bought. Their cover of Prince’s “Darling Nikki” is on their Myspace page. I need some s0ber sleep before I can comment on the CD.


By Stop Us Not
On 22 May 2008
At 5:15 pm
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