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Lake Heartbeat - new fresh electropop by old school indiepop god!
When I first heard Lake Heartbeat I thought it sounded very interesting, then I found out they were signed to Service (Jens Lekman, TTA) and got further intrigued. But there are even more reasons to give Lake Heartbeat your full attention - here's two:

01. The producer is Dan Lissvik from Studio.
02. Lake Heartbeat is Janne Kask from Brainpool.

Brainpool never became famous outside Sweden, where they were something of an indie Busted, but with good songs. They released 3 albums with Janne Kask as the singer (2½ were great) then 2 more without Janne that were very uninteresting (Kask also made a few good songs as a solo artist). Lately Kask has been stuyding to become a doctor. There's talk about Lake Heartbeat releasing one song per month this year, and if that'll happen you should make sure you get them all.

MP3: Brainpool - We aim to please
Listen to Lake Hearbeat's Mystery here.


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By Stop Us Not
On 18 February 2009
At 10:00 am
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