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Jenny Wilson is (finally) back!
Four years ago, Jenny Wilson released her debut album "Love & Youth". It was a great album, but it didn't get the attention it deserved. Jenny used to be in the band First Floor Power, that I never really liked, who are still going I believe with strangely enough Jenny's sister as their lead singer. Later this month Wilson's second album "Hardship" is due to be released. I, for one, have got crazy high hopes for it! Listen to "The Wooden Chair" below, taken from the new album. It bodes well! Her songs are quirky, but not too quirky, and she's got a quite original sound. Maybe she can become this year's Lykke Li? Huh? How about that? No? Because of the hat? Ok, fair enough.

MP3: Jenny Wilson - The Wooden Chair



By Stop Us Not
On 1 February 2009
At 10:00 am
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