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Oh dear, Anna Järvinen is also releasing a new album this year.
Anna Järvinen used to be in a band called Granada (from 1998 - 2003), that were quite good but not too special. Then in 2007 she released a solo album called "Jag fick feeling" that was very serene and pretty (and sung in Swedish). On 23 March her new album "Man var bland molnen" will be released. If her new album will be better than her last one, we'll all be in for a treat. Her last album was very folky, and since her new one is produced by Gustav from Dungen, and with Dungen members playing on it, I reckon it won't be a great departure from her first album. Hopefully the Dungen connection will get her some new fans outside Sweden. I can't wait to hear it!

MP3: Anna Järvinen - Äppelöga



By Stop Us Not
On 11 February 2009
At 10:00 am
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