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Kevin Rowland + SKWBN = Hammarin & Robin
Like a more gay and even poppier Suburban Kids with Biblical Names, fronted by Kevin Rowland - that's how I'd describe Hammarin & Robin. Last year they released a two track EP on Swedish label Mad for it. The main track from the EP seems to be "Hell knows I'm in love" (video below), but personally I prefer the other song "Lingering regret", "Hell..." is just a little bit too annoying. I'd be interested to hear more material released by H&B, although I suspect that if they release a whole album of songs like these two, it could be a tad hard to digest.

MP3: Hammarin & Robin - Lingering regret

Download the EP here (both songs incl. artwork).




By Stop Us Not
On 4 February 2009
At 10:00 am
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