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Another Swedish piano girl? Well, yes, but she's great!
Last week I wrote about how Pet Shop Boys have influenced many new Swedish artists. Most of these artists are men (although there are exceptions, such as Cat5). To broadly generalize and make it easy for me, you could say that if PSB have had a great influence on the Swedish male artists, Regina Spektor has done the same for the women. Sweden have really warmed to Regina Spektor, I don't think she's as big anywhere as in Sweden (too bad it's such a small country). She's even headlining Sweden's most famous festival (Hultsfred) later this year. In the last few years I've heard plenty of Swedish female artist blatantly copying Spektor, and now when I hear a Swedish artist playing the piano doubts rise quickly. Thankfully Sweden's got its own piano queen now, in the shape of Frida Hyvönen. A new piano girl on the scene is Hanna Baummann, from Stockholm, who manages to mix great tunes with original lyrics. Below you can download her song "I picked a fight", but if I were you I'd go straight to her Myspace and check out all the songs on there, since most of them are worth your while. I think it's a fact that Regina Spektor and Frida Hyvönen have encouraged more girls to start playing the piano, and if artists such as Hanna Baummann is a result of this - I'm certainly not complaining (as long as they don't sound like Kate Nash).

MP3: Hanna Baummann - I picked a fight (live)



By Stop Us Not
On 26 January 2009
At 10:00 am
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