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A Swedish Pet Shop Boy.
It's incredible how much influence Pet Shop Boys have had on the Swedish music scene, especially in the last few years. The most notably sign of this have been a bunch of duos (most notably Le Sport, but also The Embassy, The Tough Alliance, Lo-Fi-Fnk, TIAC etc). Maybe 2009 will be see the rise of single person Pet Shop Boys influenced artists. Alex Aran is such an artist. He sounds a lot like Eurosport / Le Sport (ie much more pop than TTA), but despite not being too original I must say I really like one of the songs on his Myspace ("Respect my situation", download it below). It's really catchy (the other two songs are much weaker). There's hardly any info on his Myspace except that his real name is Alexander Petersson, he's from somewhere in South West Sweden and there are also some obvious influences listed. Here's hoping we'll hear more from Alex Aran in 2009.

MP3: Alex Aran - Respect my situation



By Stop Us Not
On 19 January 2009
At 10:00 am
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