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Suburban Kids With Biblical Names - The Comeback!
They've been gone so long that I almost assumed Suburban Kids With Biblical Names had become history. Ok, they haven't been gone that long, but I'm such a big fan that it feels like they've been gone for a century. Their new EP "#4" is released on Wednesday 4 February and you can pre-order it here. They've released one of their songs for free (see below), and you can also listen to two more on their Myspace. I'm not exactly blown away by the songs at the moment, but then I'm quite tired and not really in the mood for listening to new SKWBN songs. I'm sure the songs are great, just let me have a good night's sleep before I listen to them properly. Hopefully their album will be released shortly, followed by some UK gigs. Ciao.

MP3: Suburban Kids With Biblical Names - 1999



By Stop Us Not
On 22 January 2009
At 5:41 pm
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