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Swedish hiphop, in French!
Do you remember in the late 90s when everyone went nuts for French rap? Of course you do! I tried to get into MC Solaar but despite that song on the first Jazzmatazz album being great, I never managed to get through any of his albums without feeling a bit bored. I also borrowed a friend's copy of IAM's "L├ęcole du micro d'argent" and it sounded like Wu-Tang but whereas with Wu-Tang I understood most of the stuff they were rapping about, IAM could have been rapping about adjustable wrenches and make up as far as I knew, and the fact that I could listen to great hiphop where I understood the words didn't really do any favours for my French rap interest. I love hiphop, but just like with any kind of music, the lyrics are crazy important for me, hence me sticking to music with vocals, and vocals that are in English or Swedish. Sens is a Swedish rapper who raps in French (which is fine by me of course, each to their own). Obama's motto "Yes we can" has really inspired him and thus goes the chorus of Sen's song with the same name, and it ends with a sample of Obama giving a speech where he utters these words. Surely everyone must be fed up with the whole "Yes we can" thing by now!? I'm even fed up with people joking about it. The verse is really where it's at with this song, the "Yes we can" chorus and its accompanied la la la's is just a bit too cheesy. Interesting though with Swedish rap in French, I don't think I've ever heard it before.

MP3: Sens - Yes we can



By Stop Us Not
On 16 January 2009
At 4:43 pm
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