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Pimp your soul out with MC Tia!
MC Tia is a 25 year old Swedish MC who raps in English. She's born in Stockholm, but currently she lives in Copenhagen, Denmark. Apparently she's been around since 1999 and kept really busy since then. Unfortunately I've never heard of her until now (ignorant me!). The reason I'm writing about her is because I really like her "Pimp your soul", it's got a really fresh beat that sounds a lot like that sunshine vibe that Jurassic 5 / Ugly Ducklin have got going. I guess people in general are not really into this kind of thing at the moment (Lady Gaga it's not), but for me this is a goddamn hit! Listen below and judge for yourself. This song deserves to be played in clubs, shopping malls, and in your ipod, it's the music equivalent of phototherapy.

MP3: MC Tia - Pimp your soul



By Stop Us Not
On 21 January 2009
At 10:00 am
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