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A song about Lisa - Part 1 of 2
David Sandström (who I briefly mentioned here) used to play the drums in The Refused, then he went solo and started playing music very far away from the hardcore of The Refused. I wasn't too keen on his first album "Om det inte händer nåt snart så kommer jag" (sung in Swedish and very "folky"), but his second album "The dominant need of needy soul is to be needed" was brilliant (a straight up indie rock record with clever lyrics) . His third album "Go down!", recorded under the name David Sandström Overdrive was decent, but not as good as "The dominant...". David has now signed to Razzia Records (Hello Saferide, Niccokick etc) which is probably a good thing. Razzia reports that he will have an album out on 22 October. The first song released from the album is called "Lisa Lisa" and it sounds like David Sandström hasn't lost his songwriting ability - it's a fine song. I'm looking forward to hear his new album, he's in my opinion one of the most underrated artists in Sweden. Hopefully this time around he'll become super mega known and will end up touring the UK to great acclaim.

David Sandström Overdrive - Lisa Lisa (mp3)


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By Stop Us Not
On 11 September 2008
At 12:45 pm
  • At 3:51 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I hope David Sandstrom would not be big as many people expects him to be.But I know he wouldn't sell out to corporate labels to spread his music.Through his songs now,I can still sense the influence is still strong from his other previous band such as Final Exit.I want to wish David the best of wish and luck through his journey with DSO.

    Cheers!! all the way from Singapore..

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