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Who let the El Perro Del Mar out? Not Hybris! But Licking Fingers!
This morning while walking to the post office to pick up some Marvel super heroes fridge magnets, before going to work, I strolled through the park next door to where I live and observed the curious behaviour of three black dogs. My dog knowledge is fairly limited so I don’t know what breed or sex they were – but they were black and normal size (a bit like the ones in the picture above). Two of the dogs were running around playing happily with each other, whereas the third dog constantly tried to jump on either of the other dogs and … have sex. Talk about no shame, eh? As a human, you’d have to drink quite a few shots of Absinthe or be incredibly inbred to try and mate with someone who’s busy having a laugh with someone else, in a park, in the morning in daylight with lots of people watching. Stupid inbred dogs, I say. It was fun to watch though, even though I felt both sorry for the sex-crazed dog (by running around chasing the other dogs he was involuntarily taking part in their game), and a bit perverted for watching it all.

Speaking of dogs, everyone’s favourite Swedish female artist (before Lykke Li came bursting through the blogs) El Perro Del Mar (real name: Sarah Assbring) has got a new album called “From the valley to the stars" coming out on 27 February. You can listen to it all on her Myspace page. It still sounds a lot like her, with El Perro Del Mar flutes, piano etc, but the songs are perhaps not as catchy as previously and also a bit weirder. I think I need to give this album quite a lot of time before I can give my true and honest opinion about it. If you’re looking for a hit, don’t look any further though than the ninth track on the album called “Somebody’s baby” – it’s a classic El Perro Del Mar track, just made for spring sun and sweet cider in the park. Ehm, or is is it just a line repeated a lot with a happy-go-lucky piano hammering away in the background? Judge for yourself.

El Perro Del Mar – Somebody’s baby



By Stop Us Not
On 26 February 2008
At 4:34 pm
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