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Too late for one of the best-known European mountain flowers
Swedish superstar Håkan Hellström (formerly of Broder Daniel and Honey is Cool) will release his fourth album on 26 March. His first album (he only sings in Swedish, by the way) was all about getting wasted and being young and lost, and that's sort of the vein he's tapped into ever since. Hellström’s now going steady, got a kid, and I think he lives a lot in Brazil. Perhaps his new stuff will be more mature, and with even more bossa nova rhythms. Jocke Åhlund (from Teddybears and Caesars) has produced the album, which is called “Försent för Edelweiss”. “Försent för Edelweiss” is also a b-side from the single “Klubbland” that was released in 2006. Will this song be featured on the album? Who knows! Anyway, here you can listen to that song:

Håkan Hellström – Försent för Edelweiss



By Stop Us Not
On 16 February 2008
At 12:15 pm
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