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Lazy rapper
Lazee’s ”Rock away” has started to get some serious airplay on Swedish Radio. It’s always interesting to hear some new Swedish hip hop, but “Rock away” just feels so clichéd and the lyrics are like torture for my precious ears. Appearently Lazee lived in London for a while and got down and dirty with grime. Listening to the songs on his Myspace you can sort of hear this, he drops the old "London street" here and a "pussy'ole" there. I can't hear any of this on "Rock away" though, it sounds more like a Kanye West song than something by Dizzee Rascal. It's better than most of the current crop of Swedish hip hop, but that doesn't says a lot. Anyway, let’s hope Lazee has got some better songs up his sleeve than this.

Lazee - Rock Away



By Stop Us Not
On 4 February 2008
At 3:40 pm
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