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James Ausfahrt

Last month I bought James Ausfahrt’s “Party for the Arty people/Arty for the Party people” (for some reason I bought it on LP, CD and cassette - hooray for triple formats!). There are twenty-two tracks on the album, and even though it’s not that great throughout, there are some fantastic tracks on it. James Ausfahrt (a.k.a . Agent Simple a.k.a. Åke Strömer) sounds a bit like Jens Lekman, Beat Happening, Jonathan Richman and Kleenex Girl Wonder. On some of the tracks it sounds as if he’s almost have had too much fun in the studio, and he seems to have forgotten to write actual songs in favour of some wacky experimenting. Apparently he’s now a member of Love is All too, which hopefully means that he’ll do some shows too whenever they come over. You can buy “Party for the arty…” here. “Lovesong no 75” is the first track from the album, and it’s a corker! Give it a spin.

James Ausfahrt - Lovesong no 75

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By Stop Us Not
On 5 February 2008
At 5:50 pm
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