Stop Us Not
Jazzy folk music for emergencies
The Knife’s record label Rabid Records will release the debut EP by First Aid Kit called “Drunken trees” on 9 April 2008. Oddly enough, First Aid Kit is just like The Knife compromised of two siblings, although they’re two sisters unlike The Knife’s brother / sister combo. It sounds nothing like The Knife though, but perhaps more like another sister duo from Stockholm – Taxi Taxi! – with their noodling acoustic guitars and dreamlike vocals. It’s a bit like Nick Drake and maybe Regina Spektor with a bit of jazz in there. If you’re tired, it can make you fall asleep, but if you’ve just had a Red Bull, it’s perfect. No, seriously, it’s not really my cup of tea (or energy drink, for that matter), I find it a bit dull – it makes my eyelids ache. It’s not super bad though, I’m sure you can appreciate it if you're in the right mindset, in a tea and scones kind of way.


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By Stop Us Not
On 19 February 2008
At 5:02 pm
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