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His cool is cool but not THAT cool

I’ve previously lamented over the poor state of Swedish hiphop. A few good songs came out last year, but there weren’t any albums coming out in 2007 worth mentioning (or buying). Mind, I don’t really think there were that many good hiphop albums coming out anywhere in the world in 2007 (moan! moan! moan!). The best, but nevertheless not amazing, Swedish hiphop album of 2007 was made by Adam Tensta (“My cool”). Adam’s from Stockholm (and the suburb called Tensta) and has got a bit of a Kanye West / Lupe Fiasco thing going on (half-conscious cool rhymes with electro-like beats). There are about 3-4 pretty good songs on his album, but listening to the whole thing gets a bit dull. I've also got a bit of a problem with his crazy über-American accent. Anyway, check out two of the best tracks below. He might just make an amazing album in the future.

Déjà vu! Discobelle has today posted another Swedish hiphop track. This time it’s by Chords. I’ve always liked Chords, he’s been doing stuff with Looptroop and Timbuktu for some time. His debut album “The garden around the mansion” that came out in 2003 was not that bad either. It sounds like he’s been hanging out a lot with Timbuktu though, “Blind to the fact” could almost be a Timbuktu cover, and if you didn’t know who he was it could be easy to think that he was some kind of Timbuktu copycat (instead of sidekick).

Adam Tensta – My cool
Adam Tensta – Dopeboy

Chords – Blind to the fact


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By Stop Us Not
On 22 February 2008
At 5:23 pm
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