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You know who they are! (L, double O, P, T, R etc...)

Hooray! Sweden’s best hiphop group Looptroop Rockers (formerly known as just Looptroop) are coming out with new material. There’s a single called “The Building” that’s out next week, and then the album “Good things” comes out on 23 April. This will be their fourth album. Their three previous ones are all classics in my book. Promoe’s last (and fourth) album that came out in 2007 wasn’t all that, I find it a bit annoying (his other ones are great). Anyway, their new label Bad Taste Records has put up a new track called “Marinate” for free download. Not sure yet about the track though, it hasn’t exactly made me jump with joy, but it’s nice enough. Bring on the album!

Update: Ok, now I've listened to that Looptroop track at home, loud on my stereo (instead of playing it quietly on my office computer) and I love it! Saturday! It don't matter-day!

Speaking of Swedish hiphop, Discobelle has posted a new Paragon tune. It sounds quite good.

Looptroop Rockers – Marinate

Paragon - Aavisst


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By Stop Us Not
On 21 February 2008
At 1:43 pm
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