Stop Us Not
Niccokick are back!

It’s been 5 years since I first heard them and bought their first 7” “Bye Bye! Friend”. After the 7” came a couple of fantastic EPs and a single. When the album dropped in 2004, I’ve already played a lot of the songs on it to death, and it wasn’t as exciting as it should have been, despite it being a great album. So far Niccokick have only put one new song (“The Poet”) on their Myspace page, but I only had to play it a few times before I remembered why I once loved Niccokick so dearly. The lyrics are about a night in the singer’s life and the video’s pretty much a little short film. I like the video though, it’s nice to see someone take advantage of a video instead of having the band just stand around doing quirky poses while playing their fine guitars. It’s hard to get into the song by only watching the video, since the visuals demands most of one’s attention, and the actual song comes in second place. Watch it below, then listen to the song on Niccokick’s Myspace page, and finally you are free to purchase the album when it comes out (I’m pretty sure it’ll be great).



By Stop Us Not
On 15 January 2008
At 5:30 pm
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