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Two average artists – soon here to play their average songs!

Both Jonna Lee and Little Dragon are coming to London soon to do some shows. I’m no great fan of either of them. Little Dragon (Giles Peterson is a fan – eurgh) are alright, but a bit dull and bit too jazzy. Little Dragon’s singer is also José González’s girlfriend. Lucky girl, thankfully they’re not as boring as José. Jonna Lee is also OK, but even more dull than Little Dragon. Little Dragon sounds a bit like Erykah Badu and Jonna Lee is pretty much a straight up singer/songwriter with bleak songs. I’d say you should give these gigs a miss. Yes, stay home and eat some pancakes instead. Nothing dull about eating pancakes!

Jonna Lee dates:

26 February – Monto Water Rats, London

27 February - Monto Water Rats, London

Little Dragon dates:

7 February – Cargo, London

Here are some videos so that you can make up your own mind whether you prefer going to any of above gigs or having a pancake feast:

Jonna Lee (f/ Ed Harcourt):

Little Dragon:


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By Stop Us Not
On 23 January 2008
At 1:09 pm
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