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This week in London - Lykke Li and Those Dancing Days!

Hey, listen up! Two of Sweden’s currently (here today - gone tomorrow!) most hyped artists are coming to London this week to entertain us, the public. Lykke Li (whose upcoming album is great! We've previously written about her here) is a bit posher and doing just the one show, whereas those kids in Those Dancing Days are putting in some more effort and doing three gigs in as many days. I’m definitely going to check out Lykke Li’s show, and I’ll try and go and see Those Dancing Days’ Barfly show, or the Bardens Budouir one. I’m much more a fan of Lykke Li than TDD, but I’ve never seen TDD live (I’ve heard mixed reviews) so I’m curious to see what they’ve got to offer. Hopefully, they won't be pants.

Lykke Li
31 January 2008 -
Hoxton Square Bar, London

Those Dancing Days
31 January 2008 - Bar Acadamy, London
01 February 2008 - The Barfly, London
02 February 2008 - Bardens Boudoir, London

Lykke Li - Breaking it up (MP4)

Those Dancing Days - Dischoe


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By Stop Us Not
On 29 January 2008
At 2:12 pm
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